4 days of singing, dancing and acting. This version is specially made for expats kids that love to perform.

February 2021 in Parktheater Eindhoven!

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2021 new version in Eindhoven

The Musical4daagse has a close collaboration with 10 major theatre in The Netherlands. More than 750 children shine on the stage every year. Our goal; get more children into the theatre in an accessible way.


The Musical4daagse was founded in 2014 by professional theatre teachers Jeroen Heiliegers and Caroline Leardini. During school holidays, there was always a big gap in the range of musical lessons. Children often had little to do during the holidays and parents were looking for a suitable cultural activity. It resulted in De Musical4daagse. 4 days of musical lessons with a concrete end result: a real performance for an audience.

Parktheater Eindhoven

Our musicals are created in such a way that every child has their own role with text and singing solo’s. This way every child gets the attention that is needed to develop his or her talent.

18 – 21 February 2021

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WHAT are we going to DO?!



During The Musical4daagse there are ensemble songs and solo moments for everyone. As a result, every child can develop their selves and gain a bit of confidence on the stage.



The choreographies are taught during the 4 days. Everyone gets their own place on the stage. The children's sense of space will be better developed.



Working together is essential to acting. Before De Musical4daagse starts, everyone gets a script with their own role.

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