Upcoming Musical4daagse in The Hague.
Musical4daagse in The Hague.

Spring break 2024

  • Amare Den Haag
  • Dates | February 21 to 24, ’24
  • Time | 09 AM – 02 PM
  • Price per participation €175,-

The Program

Day 1

The beginning

We start De Musical4daagse with a special theater assignment to get to know each other. Parents are welcome to watch for the first 10 minutes. Once we say the parents goodbye, we’ll get started with the performance.

On the first day, we always establish basic rules. These are general guidelines we follow during our Musical4daagses. This helps create a safe atmosphere, allowing the children to focus on collaboration. As a result, they gain more confidence, which is reflected in their performance.

Day 2

Singing, dancing, and acting

Every day, the three disciplines of singing, dancing, and acting are addressed. On the second day, there is more emphasis on practicing the lyrics and songs. Since the children have practiced the songs and lyrics at home, we can truly do the fun parts of musical: singing, dancing, and acting!

On the last pages of the script, children can write notes. This is useful for remembering their place on stage (setting), deepening their character, or write down important tips. For the younger children, there is also a drawing space for when they have to wait.

Day 3

Last rehearsal

On the third day, the musical is nearly perfect. The finishing touches are made, and the children almost know the musical word by word. At the end of the day, each child receives a ‘TOI TOI TOI’ card to take home. They write a wish for success for another child in the group. This encourages teamwork and self-confidence.

Toi toi toi? In the Netherlands, we say ‘Toi Toi Toi’ instead of ‘Break a Leg.’ Don’t wish each other good luck for a performance, as it brings bad luck! Instead, actors say ‘Toi Toi Toi’.

Day 3


The most exciting day for most children. We start with a dress rehearsal. The lights, sound, and smoke machine are activated in the theater. After the dress rehearsal, the children go to hair and makeup for the final touches, so they can truly embody their characters. It’s almost showtime! Costumes on, wishing each other ‘Toi Toi Toi,’ and have fun!

The performance lasts a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes. Of course, photos and videos are allowed, but only for personal use. A tip: it’s also enjoyable when phones stay in pockets, allowing the audience to truly experience the live performance.

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