The Musical4daagse is a perfect way to stimulate both children’s development as well as their talents.

What to expect ?!

The Musical4daagse creates a real and to be live performed musical in just 4 days! The lessons are brief and enjoyable, everyone can join in.
We welcome any experience, but it’s not necessary! Our goal is to find a suitable role for everyone.
Classes take up to 5 hours, and on the first day we welcome parents to have a taste what we are doing. Material such as script, music, division of roles and all you need to know are shared 2 weeks prior the Musical4daagse via a unique link.

What do they say about us

From yoga mats to rabbit ears

Stefanie Kerber is the brains behind the beautiful costumes. She is creative, skilled and enthusiastic. These qualities combined with the ability of ‘thinking out of the box’ makes her the designer and creator of the costumes used in The Musical4daagse.

Her challenge is to adapt everyday utensils into fitting items for costumes, for example oven gloves transformed into lobster claws, or yoga mats used to make pig ears.

Alongside the costumes we use professional make-up artists to make the children even more befitted in their role.

The Musical4daagse works closely together with major theaters in the Netherlands!

The theaters work closely together with The Musical4daagse to enable more than 750 children to shine on stage annually, its sole aim to make theatres more easily accessible for future generations.

The Musical4daags founded by theatre teachers Jeroen Heiliegers and Caroline Leardini in 2014 after registering a need of musical education during school holidays.

Due to the combined fact of nothing to do (kids) and parents wanting to educate them culturally, The Musical4daagse was established. Its aim: four days musical education resulting in a live performance with audience!

Stage fright or are you in doubt?!

We have created an E-book especially for all children who still have doubts.
With all kinds of fun assignments, theater facts and a little info!