Parkstad Limburg Theater

The Musical4daagse is a stand alone project taking place in Parkstad Limburg Theaters. It provides the children with the opportunity to get acquainted with theatre in the broadest sense of the word, while they dance, sing, and act for four days during the school holidays, resulting in a real life performance with audience on the last day.  

Our goals is to make sure that this experience sets in motion a life long interest in the theater, resulting in a new generation of theater-loving people.

Musical lessons themselves stimulate youngsters to develop their own unique talents, now who wouldn’t want that for their children.

Musical courses for everyone!

The musical4daagse creates an entire audience aimed musical in just four days. There’s a part in it for every kid. Classes are brief and to the point and enjoyable , so accessible to everyone!
Experienced already? We try to find the most suitable part for each participant!

Theater should be part of every child's childhood!

What do they say about us

Stage fright or are you in doubt?!

We have created an E-book especially for all children who still have doubts.
With all kinds of fun assignments, theater facts and a little info!