General questions

Musical lessons in a theatre?

Musical lessons have become increasingly popular over the years. We take it a step further: Musical lesson in a big theatre. Together with the theatres we try to get the children (and parents) into the building in a different way. All participants get a unique look behind the scenes. For example, guided tours with information. The participants also regularly receive special discounts for family shows.

How does a day look like at De Musical4daagse

A Musical4daagse lesson always lasts 5 hours. Every day starts with warming up. The parents can take a look at the warm-up to make the children (and the parents) feel safe. We try to let this last a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes, so that the children can also get to work themselves. When all parents are gone, the preparing of the presentation/performance begins. Attention is always paid to singing, dancing and acting.

Musical4daagse report

We think it is important to learn the children that the process of the musical is just as important as the performance itself. Of course we go for the highest possible result, but we also try to support the children in their personal development. Each report contains a personal message with a feedback for the next time.

Does everyone know each other?

No, and that's the fun part. Since we only have 4 days, the children will make quick friends. The children are guided by the teacher in working together and often also have a 'partner' in the musical. The parents will see that the children have made many new friends after four days!

How do we make the division of roles?

We have come up with something nice for that. To prevent that the same children always get the main role or the smallest role, we divide the roles based on age. The children cannot audition, only indicate whether they have ambition for a large or small role. Each child has a role in the musical!

Musical4daagse items

During the Musical4daagse all the participants receive their own notebook and a pencil. The children can make notes for the performance. And the little ones who cannot read yet can make a nice drawing in their notebook.

Good to know!


How big are the groups?

There is a maximum of 25 to 29 children.


Need experience?

No! Everyone between 6 and 12 years old can join us. You just need some guts and above all a lot of fun in the lessons!


Food and drinks?

The children have to bring their own lunch and snacks. We provide lemonade and enough breaks.


I am not yet 6 years old?

Your son or daughter really can't wait to participate, but he or she is less than 6 years old. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We often discuss with the parents whether it is useful to participate or not!


Do I have to buy tickets for the performance?

No, is free! We have agreed with the theatres to allow a certain maximum number of audiences each performance. Specific information will follow as soon as the Musical4daagse comes into sight.

Should I Help Studying The Text?

Yes! When the children receive the script, music and roles, you will also receive an 'How to practice' Ebook. It contains useful tips on how the parents can best practice with the children for acting or singing. So mom and dad, this is your time to shine!

Where is the performance held?

In the theatre itself! In most theatres we play on the real stage of the theatre. How cool is that! If the stage is already used by a show, we choose a different space in the theatre and we convert it so that it is suitable for our performance.

Price structure?

Our hourly price of De Musical4daagse is lower than our fellow musical lesson providers. (Google that yourself) Together with the theaters, we try to make the price as accessible as possible for everyone. Of course not to forget that music lessons in a large theater are of course very special. Per hour (€ 163,95) € 8,20

Where Can I Find The Lesson Material?

The lesson material is shared 2 weeks in advance of the Musical4daagse via a unique link. In this link you will find everything you need to know for the Musical4daagse lessons. Of course this also includes the script, music and roles!

Stage fright or are you in doubt?!

We have created an E-book especially for all children who still have doubts.
With all kinds of fun assignments, theater facts and a little info!