About us

The Musical4daagse was founded in 2014 by professional theater teachers Jeroen Heiliegers and Caroline Leardini. The Musical4daagse provides a lasting memory for the children. Together with the theaters, we provide that little bit of extra impact. Jeroen & Caroline are both graduated from the musical Conservatory department. They try to convey all knowledge from the profession to the children in a simple and concrete way.

Jeroen Heiliegers

In 2014 the very first children participated in the Musical4daagse in the Stadsschouwburg in Haarlem. We are now in more than 12 theaters throughout the Netherlands. The moment when all the parents are in the room and the children are beaming on the stage gives something magical. In the coming years, together with our team, we will ensure that all children (and parents) also have the opportunity to experience this magical moment in the theater!

Caroline Leardini

Theater is extremely important for the development of children. What is not possible in the "real" world, is possible in theater. During the lessons you can be someone other than who you really are. The Musical4daagse provides a lasting memory for the children. They will never forget 4 days of singing, dancing and acting with a performance in a large theater. Ik ben trots op onze samenwerkingen met de theaters en hoop nog veel kinderen blij te maken!

Musical lesson for everyone

The Musical4daagse is working on an original musical, but of course edited for the ages 6 to 12. Jeroen and Caroline find it important that every child has their own piece of text and song in the musical. This way everyone can develop their talent and just get started.

During the Musical4daagse you play your own role in a well-known musical. We ensure that you are accompanied by professional teachers and that you shine during the performance.

The Musical4daagse now works together with 12 theaters throughout the Netherlands.